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sat nag update


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Hi folks, in the past, I have been critical of the Snooper which I bought when in appeared,

Because it had Caravan Club sites built in.


I found that it was not very easy to use compared to my old Garmin Quest, and old free with van Mio device.


yesterday, I heard that Snooper have recently updated their devices and are offering Free updates of the maps..


I enquired and found that free updates related to their devices bought more recently than mine, but I could update my 6000 ventura device, but at a fee..


reluctantly, I decided to pay up and received the update today..


I am pleased with the updates even if bank balance isnt, and the Ventura 6000 is now much more user friendly "for me at least" as I can now find locations by coordinate entry..something not previously easy to understand.


pre loaded pois include cc and ccc sites as well as Acsi and Alan Rogers lists..and a good range of other pois for campervan users..


multyroute option also seems easier to understand, so I can plan a route across France for example to pick up Aires, Fp sites and preloaded campsites much easier than originall possible..


The upgrade cost was 100 pounds, and although some might say that is a lot, for me the device is now much more user friendly, and the older devices will be disposed of and are redundant.


Has anyone else done a similar upgrade..





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