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Quite a few of the Hymer manuals in English are available on the web if you search around a bit.


It also might be worth asking Hymer directly. If they have your manual as a PDF they may send it.


Finally you could of course translate it for free, with the exception of your time, by using Google Translate. It will not be 100% accurate, but it will be good enough for you to understand most of the manual.

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I notice that downloadable Hymer E690 handbooks are mentioned in this MHFun forum thread




I would have thought it should be possible to obtain an English-language E690 manual but, if not, English-language manuals for the main habitation appliances (eg. heater, fridge, electrical system) should be available on-line.


Motorhome handbooks tend to be generic and not change much year-on-year. This 2004 model-year Hymer handbook may be too late for an E690 but might still be useful



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