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Thetford Fridge Error Code 10 when connected to 240v

Guest zxlinkxz

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Fault Code 10 is generally associated with the 12 volt DC side of things. Do you get the same fault code when you try to use it on gas or when the engine is running, i.e. when operating at 12 volt DC mode ?



zxlinkxz - 2015-08-01 1:52 PM


The fridge itself is showing an error code 10 when connected to mains power supply.

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You can find an explanation of Thetford fridge error codes and trouble-shooting advice on this link




It might be helpful to know which model of Thetford fridge you have and its year of manufacture. But assuming that the information on the link applies to your fridge (I have a vague recollection that the error code meanings can differ) as AlanS says, Error Code 10 does not really relate to mains operation.

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