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Motor home water. Tank fitments


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I suggest you use a filler hose with Hoselock type connectors. Try to get as wide a selection of tap adaptors as you can find. Most are a standard thread, much as UK threaded taps have. However, some are un-threaded, so you will need the rubber push-on type, that tightens onto the tap with a butterfly type jubilee clip (and even then to avoid a shower you may find you need to hold it in place, as mains water pressures are often a lot higher than in UK). Others will have varying diameters of threaded tap.


If you can find the 1/2" BSP, the 3/4" BSP and the 1" BSP versions, plus the push on rubber one, you should have pretty much covered all bases. You may find the odd exception, but that lot has satisfactorily kept us in fresh water for the past 10 years. I nevertheless tend to refill at 50%, just in case.


If those don't work, hunt around a largish French supermarket for its gardening section (or a Jardiland garden shop, often found nearby on one of the out of town commercial centres) and see if they have odd metric variations. There are several alternative manufacturers, but the bayonet hose connectors do seem more or less common fit, albeit some better than others.

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