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TV/DVD/CD +++ new Avtex 151D 6 in 1


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Anybody use the new Avtex 151D 6 in 1? If so can you confirm that it will play DVD-R and DVD-RW home recorded disks? I've asked Avtex and must assume that they don't know as they haven't replied. I've also asked Transleisure - they haven't replied either - yet. I posted this elsewhere but as no one has replied it may be in the wrong thread. I can't believe that no one uses a 151D. The point is that I have some very precious home recorded DVDs on DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM and would dearly love to be able to watch these in our new, ordered but not yet delivered, motorhome which will be fitted with the said goggle box. If I have to transfer the precious DVDs to another format, I am quite happy to do so.
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