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Mattress Topper (our purchase)

Kentish lady

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Hello :-D


We bought our motor home back in April, Fiat Ducato Autotrail Tracker.


I have used this forum to research many things, excellent information, and I felt it would be only far to post what I had bought, to maybe help other people on the forum.


We have a double bed to make up every night with the jigsaw of cushions, and I knew we would not have a good nights sleep without a topper on top. Especially as we will be away in motor home for quite a while. A good nights sleep is top of my list!


Should we buy of the internet? good price, but so many sites to choose from. If we didn't like it! how to send back, would it go back in the bag!! and how much would it cost to send back!!


We decided we really wanted to see and feel a mattress topper. The site recommended Dunelm. The shop is excellent. Has lots of samples (small) to feel the depth and quality. Also you can pick up box/topper to see how heavy they are.


We eventually decided on the double Gel Fusion Topper £120.00.


I can honestly say, its the best thing we have bought and worth every penny. It was so comfortable, cant feel any cushions underneath you. NO back ache. You really do feel like you have had a good nights sleep.The mattress fits in the double bed space perfectly.


You cant use it straight out of the box, as it does smell and it does need 3 days at least to get to its true volume/depth. We laid it out in side the motor home with the skylight open for a few days.


We store it in the wardrobe compartment while travelling, Yes it does take up quite a bit of room, we also put telly in middle, when folded. Then its sits/folded on front seat when static. I am sure it can be rolled up/folded smaller, but this way suits us.


It comes with a nice cover which can be washed.


There are plenty of other mattress toppers at the shop to suit all budgets, go and have a look you wont be disappointed.













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We're big fans of toppers in the motorhome. Our van has got a fixed bed, but the mattress is extremely firm. Initially, we bought a 2" thick memory foam topper off eBay, which we thought made a big improvement. But then we decided to try a second one - an inch thick - on top of that. Bliss! The second one we bought cheaply from a local store. Both foam toppers had to be cut down to fit the shape and size of the double bed, but the excess covers just tucks underneath.


Been using the arrangement for a year or two now and travel all over the continent - works well for us.


Agree about Dunelm though, we've bought toppers for the beds at home and other things from there. It's just that our local store is a little distance to travel.


Glad your purchase has worked out well.



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We also bought mattress toppers , we like to sleep as singles. I bought two single toppers , which I had to trim down to fit in overhead lockers in previous van . In hind site a king size cut in half would have been a cheaper way to go . With two king size duvets covers and two single duvets , I made my own " duvalays " .

We changed our van this year , and they still fit , in overhead locker rolled up . Still comfy after four years !

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This is so true about toppers, and I've heard a lot of good reviews from people who were unhappy with their mattresses. I consider buying High Density 4 Pound Elastic Mattress Topper from here http://whymattress.com/best-mattress-topper-reviews/ , because my mattress is old and is not as supportive as it used to be. This topper is especially good for back pain, well, I hope it will do its job.
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We have a Vantage Neo rear lounge van where the settees make up into two singles or a very large double so we went for two single toppers for flexibility. We also looked at Dunhelm as we often shop there but decided to go for two single Duvalay toppers as they are very compact compared to domestic toppers and can be fitted with zipped sheets so bed making is no more than roll out the toppers and throw over two single duvets.

Easily our best purchase for the van as they give a great nights sleep without taking up too much valuable space and so quick and easy to use.

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Just bought 2 single Zonesleep toppers. Got a couple of duvet covers - one new from charity shop - bad popper - and one from Dunelm Mill.


Wife cut the covers down to make a snug sleeve fit so they fit on our bed at home and then whisk off to the van as and when required.


The Zonesleep does not use memory foam so no heating effect, folds down well for traveling/storage and provides plenty of support where needed. We had tremendous service from Zonesleep - very pleased - cannot recommend highly enough.

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