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Wild or Beach camping on the east coast of Spain


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Due to bad weather forecast in Galecia in a weeks time, Our Betsy adventure to Northern Spain has been abandoned!


So change of plan. Can anyone please suggest pleasant wild/beach camping up the east coast of Spain. We will be leaving Almeria in a weeks time and heading North, so first stop around Alicante, Then Valencia, Barcelona and north into France, ending at Angers, then back to Mojacar again.


We would like to "wild" on alternate nights if possible.


Many thanks,



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keninpalamos - 2015-08-17 5:15 PM


Beach Camping?? or parking near the beach as parking on the beach on the Med coast can be expensive. The guardia get very hot under the collar about vehicles on the beach and are not as tolerant as they are on the north coast B-)


In our area of Mojacar, there seems to be a very tolerant attitude towards vans. At the moment there are hundreds, but as we live here, I have not tried camping on the coast.


What I am looking for are Aires, or free parking. If nothing is available (or legal!) then we will just use sites. However it is the expensive time now, and I wanted to save some cash!! :-) :-(

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