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SkyTeam Motorbikes


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At the GW motorhome show at the w/end I was taken by the Midlifeclassics stand marketing SkyTeam motorbikes. It would seem the Chinese are doing to the Japanese what the Japanese did to our bike industry. They have produced what looks like a very good copy of the Honda Dax 125 "monkey bike". When I say "good" please don't read that as "quality" as that's what I'm about to ask. Has anyone used or owned one as I would like to know what you think, good or, and bad. If you haven't had or used one please don't tell me "oh they are Chinese rubbish" That sort of comment doesn't really help does it. I have looked on most of the interweb sites so no links please just personal experience if you have it. PS this doesn't involve batteries. ;-)
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