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Hymer B544 1990s mirrors


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I had a 2002 Hymer 544 Classic (basic model) and the wing mirrors were mounted on a metal U bar. The U bar was secured to the vehicle above the side window and below the side window.


A brilliant system IMO as you could mount an additional convex mirror on the bar and adjust both mirrors to suit your preferred driving style and sideways visibility.


However, we did encounter a tricky situation in a Spanish village where we needed to retract the mirrors to get through the available gap. This was easily done by a bit of manual dexterity.


If you have the same system, you can adjust the top and bottom bolts on the U bar so that the mirrors stay in position at speed but yet can be moved inboard if necessary. To adjust the bolts you may need a Torx bit which has basically a multi star shaped profile as opposed to a normal hexagonal 6 sided Allen tool.


I would suggest you learn to live with the outdated technology and enjoy the view !!!

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