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"3" Mifi Mobile Wifi.


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Ninian - 2015-08-26 4:35 PM


Hi, For people that have used this abroad, does it work well in the countries stated by "3"




Yes often works on French networks at Uk rates.

WE use a PAYG sim in a old phone for calls home and a Data Sim for the 3G iPad we have. Seamless and good value.


This is where I get mine.


Cheaper to buy new than top up when used up? so I buy 4 at a go and they last years unused.



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Nothing as clever as Cutisden's arrangements but I have an ordinary "3" monthly contract with unlimited data and lots of calls and it works a treat in France. Always seem to get excellent reception, including data connection using 3G. They don't let you tether your laptop but I manage on the IPhone well enough.
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We have purchased a 3 mifi on a rolling one month contract which gives us 10GB of data a month and can be used in all there feel at home countries. However 10gb of data can be used up very quickly if viewing video content. So for those that have a 3 mifi unit already and are travelling in the UK there is a an offer on from EE on a pay as you go basis for 100GB of data renewed after 30 Days with another 100GB for a second month all for topping up the free sim card supplied with £10. Too good to be true I thought but the data card works in the 3 mifi unit without anything more than putting in the card. The data card must be ordered by the end of August and activated within 14days.


An excellent offer for those that want to use a lot of data i.e. watch catch up tv etc.


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