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show me the way ! ideas for routes in UK


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Hello everyone,


Just bought myself (and Mrs Jean_Jeany) a 2010 Swift Escape. We're both new to Motor Home life but want to use it as much as possible.


We want to travel around the UK and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend good routes to follow based on experience?


I am looking online but a lot of them seem like paid content, and as if I'm being recommended this trip because attractions on the route have paid for the advertising, so to speak.


Your wisdom on the matter is very welcome.


Thanks !

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Welcome to the forum.


Your question is a bit too vague I'm afraid.


Depends what you like - beaches - cities - walking in the hills - remote areas ?.


Other people will only give you a route that appeals to THEM.



If you intend using official camp sites its' certainly worth thinking about joining one, or both, of the major clubs - Caravan Club or Camping and Caravanning Club.

If you are over 60 yrs the C&CC charge reduced prices in low season ( and some in main season now I hear ).





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The obvious suggestion is the recently revamped Tour of North Scotland called the N500. I wouldn't fancy doing it in late Autumn or Winter though because the weather is likely to be cold and miserable.




We've done two Shires tours, either side of Birmingham. So visiting Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire. We didn't bother with Dorset [lovely county though], Devon or Cornwall. Use the A49 Trunk Road as your guide and head off to nearby places of interest. The second one was Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. We used the A6 and A47 Trunk Roads as our guide.


Add in a Northern Tour shadowing the A1 up to Scotland from Lincolnshire with appropriate detours. Then cross over the A69 Trunk Road the Lake District and then down the A6 Trunk Road.


Anywhere in Wales is wonderful with numerous great routes branching off the A49 across to the sea.


Alternatively, just search for the National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and visit each one of those.


If you are really adventurous, do the full coastal tour of Britain.


Can't tell you much about Northern Ireland as I've only been to Belfast.


I'm unsure what you mean in your 4th paragraph.

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Thank you, all. Yes, I appreciate the question was rather vague, and I think that stems from my / our openness toward our trip. So all I was after were some nice, anecdotal recommendations for trips that people in the community have enjoyed themselves, much like Brock did (thank you Brock !). Just as a kind of inspiration exercise.


I remember going to the Gower as a child, and Brock's reference to the A49 Wales has inspired me to perhaps try out a South Wales route. I think then we can get in some lovely coastal sites and head inland from time to time, for example to the Brecon beacons, to see something different.


We're not really fussy about the weather (we're tough as old boots, at least we like to think we are) so we wouldn't mind going soon.


About my fourth paragraph - I'm just very wary and afraid of being misled by certain 'guides'. It feels like a lot of them send you on a particular route so that you visit particular sites (because said sites have paid to be in the guide), do you know what I mean? I much prefer the advice of real people who have no agenda.


Mrs Jean_Jeany is French and used to use a guidebook called Routard for whenever we visited a foreign country. In the last few years the book has become no more than a list of places that have paid to be included in the book and all of the recommendations we followed have been awful !


Thanks again everyone, much appreciated.


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Hello Jean.


Scotland is our favourite UK destination, and we're heading north for our autumnal fix in a few weeks. If you're not fussy about the weather, then it's a good time to go. No midges, which are at their worst in July and August, the roads are less busy than the summer months, and therefore sites are less crowded, as are wild camping spots, though some sites close in October. If you're lucky it can be really warm during September and early October - it can of course, also be very, very wet (um, and a bit windy) but you won't mind that!


The N500 tour mentioned by Brock looks a very good way to start if you don't know Scotland. It seems to cover most of our favourite roads and villages. The site at Durness is our first choice - about as far north west as you can go.

I'd say from Inverness go north up the east coast (look up Rosemarkie and dolphins), west along the north coast - call in at Castle of Mey (motorhome parking and cafe/restaurant). Also Cocoa Mountain just west of Durness - homemade chocolate truffles to die for! Then back down the west coast where there's Inverewe Gardens - lovely gardens and the usual cafe/restaurant. Plenty of campsites and/or opportunites for wild camping along this route.

Enough from me I think.


So much exploring to do - have fun!


Edited - also take a ferry and minibus trip out to Cape Wrath from just south of Durness - weather and tides permitting.


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