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Recovering a leisure battery.

Trevor S

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I would greatly appreciate any help from any battery experts out there.


Firstly, the story of why my leisure battery went totally flat - the Truma electric elements failed, the motorhome spent 4 weeks in a workshop and when I picked it up the control panel was showing only 2.2 volts for the leisure battery it been let run completely flat by the (NCC) workshop.


After telling me that it not their fault, the suggestion was to connect to a 7 stage charger to recover the battery.


I have purchased a Ring Smart battery charger (RSC608) and after 24 hours the battery is still completely flat.


I have seen on the Ring forum a comment that the charger will not recognise the battery unless it has 5 volts and if less that 5 volts connect to a linear charger first.


Does anyone know if this is correct?


I don't know now if the battery is kn*****d, or if the Ring charger can't do what i bought it for.


Perhaps I just should have bought a new battery....



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As I understand, the electric warm air heating element in the Truma boiler is run off 240 volt. The management of the Truma boiler system is run off 12 volt, I believe.


So, if the 240 volt heating elements were repaired, how did the dealer manage to test the system if the leisure battery was only registering 2.2 volts ?


I'm just curious, as I only have a gas powered Truma boiler.

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