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Fiat X250 parking brake (to give it its official name!)

Mike P

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Returning from Moffat last week the brake shoes in the n/s drum decided to liberate themselves. Managed to limp home with a bit of scraping noise and dismantled the drum (with the help of the e-learn manual) No significant damage to the drum but all the springs were mangled and the shoes worn almost to the metal. Took the bits to the local Fiat Professional garage (Border Vans & Trucks, Carlisle) After a few grunts & sniffs at the computer screen the service guy came back with the following:- set of shoes £220 + VAT, springs £42 +VAT, spring clips £16 +VAT. Deep breath & hold onto the counter. Asked for the part Nos, no chance!.

Still reeling I went round the corner to Eurocarparts, got the whole lot for £57 including VAT!

Caveat Emptor!

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