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Anti-freeze for Ducato 2.2 Multijet


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I've looked in the manual and seen the recommendation for a Fiat anti-freeze.

There are bound to be cheaper alternatives.

It says the spec should meet the requirements of CUNA NC 956-16 and ASTM D 3306.

Searching on the web I can't find anything that meets this.

A search on Fiat Ducato indicates alternatives for the 2.3 engines are not suitable for my 2.2.

I'm confused!

Advice on what I should buy would be appreciated.



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Guest Peter James

Same engine as my 2.2 Citroen Relay.

The new type of organic anti freeze - Red in colour, is recommended as its corrosion protection properties are said to last for 5 years, instead of the old type, blue in colour, which corrosion protection properties is said to last for 2 years

I topped up with blue because thats what I had, although I have since bought some red. I have not changed the coolant although the van was manufactured in 2008. If you are not sure how to do it you can get an air lock changing the coolant and do more harm than good.

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As the antifreeze recommended in your Ducato’s handbook (PARAFLU UP) is fairly readily available (supplier examples here)






wouldn’t it be wiser to just use that rather than an alternative?


I fully accept that using, say, Halfords OAT antifreeze should be cheaper, but as you are just topping up your Ducato’s coolant system the potential savings from using an alternative to PARAFLU UP are going to be small.


To quote from OPIE Oils’ “Coolant And Antifreeze Explained” guide


“Why are coolants different colours?


Coolants/antifreezes are coloured so you can visually see them; colour intensity can be an indication of over-dilution. The different colours are non-specific to the different types of antifreeze. The manufacturer can dye the product any colour they want. The colour is no guide to the actual antifreeze type and the product’s label should be read before use.”



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