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Picture the scene. The day before we are off to France for a month or so, we wash and polish the van and raise the satellite dish so I can clean underneath it. The wife suddenly shouts out that we can't get a picture on the telly. No matter where I moved the van on the drive, no telly. Checked on line to find that Maxview had introduced an essential software update which I had not, to my shame, any knowledge of or any idea of how to update. Panic ensued because saddo's that we are we both need our fix of corrie.

Rang supposed Maxview dealers around where we live for help - they were clueless of any need for updates. Then I rang Danum at Donacaster, who I had never dealt with previously, with little hope of them either having any I dea of what I was on about, much less being able to fit me in at such short notice.

I could not have been more wrong. The knew instantly what I was on about, said if I got down first thing they would have a look at it, we're waiting for us at 8.30am as we arrived, served us coffee and the problem was fixed in 20 minutes at a very reasonable cost.

They have won a new customer who will, if possible, always give them a chance in future. Good service always deserves recognition.

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