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1996 hymer with truma c gas heat system


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Hi my motor home is a 1996 it has a trauma c heat system when I turn on my heat it only comes on for a few minutes then a red light comes on and it stops working. I am fairly sure that this as fault indictor but what I want to know is there a lot of faults to look for or is there one basic thing to look for. The heat system was working up recently.
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Hi Savannah

Just a quick question with regards to the Trauma heater.
You say that when you switch the system on. Do you have  the dual electric / gas system or the gas system only.?

If it's just the gas only system, the red light would indicate that there is a failure with the gas supply. 
Is your gas bottle empty, or has the gas system been turned off either on the main bottle or the cut off valve.

I am sure someone with more technical knowledge than me will be along to offer you some further advice soon.

Sorry i can't be of more help.

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The following link is to the Operating Instructions for Trumatic C-Series heaters manufactured between 06/1994 and 06/1997




Possible causes suggested (see Page 4 of the Instructions) for the red ‘failure’ light coming on continuously are no gas, insufficient combustion air, fuse failure, etc. but problems with the heater’s printed-circuit board and gas igniters are far from unknown.


The first things to check are that adequate gas is passing through the regulator (light the hob burners and make sure they will all operate simultaneously at maximum output) and to confirm (as Thai Bryn says) that the gas-tap in the gas-supply to the heater has not been accidently turned off. If everything looks OK gas-supply-wise but the red-light problem still persists, you’ll probably need to get the heater looked at professionally.

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