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Battery Booster or DIY 12v car "battery pack"?


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Hi all..

Sorry not a MH related query..


But we're looking for a simple "stand-alone" power supply just for charging the likes of our camera batteries and mobile phones, when we're tenting away from the van...


My first thoughts were to just use a small car battery, mounted in a tidy box, with a couple of fused outlets

However, I've read that some campers use these cheap( & nasty?) "booster packs" things?..


Without wishing to spark any in-depth "..battery A is better than battery B....Oh no it isn't .....Oh yes it is.." type shenanigans (lol) ,pound for pound (versus the car battery), would these "boosters" be any good for the job?

(I'm still leaning towards the car battery..)


Also, I can't see us needing to be re-charging it whilst away either, so it'll just be kept charged at home , *then used during the week away ..nor will be plugging in the likes of inverters etc..


(* I "may" occasionally plug the suitcase solar panel controller in..?)


Any thoughts either way?..






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I recently bought this gadget, which would tick all the boxes you mention. It ticked all mine!.......


It will do anything from charging your iPhone (or any other USB device) to starting your car/van if the battery is flat.

It has amazing capacity and Ive used mine to jump start a 3.5-litre Shogun and my 2.5-litre diesel Transit camper.

Will supply 18V/12V/5V and comes with numerous adapters and connectors.

All from a device that will very easily fit in the glove box.


Cheaper, lower quality, alternatives are available but this was mine.......








V. :-D :-D :-D

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Thanks for the responses chaps...


I hadn't really considered those small cigar lighter/usb chargers..as I've never had reason to come across them... :$

I suppose I was initially basing it around a old car battery I had got hold of(from brother) but it turns out that it's duff anyway!....


V- That unit, although very good, is probably a bit ott for what we're wanting it to do..

(..it has got me thinking though, "..while I'm at it..why not..?" )


Thanks again.

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pepe63 - 2015-10-06 5:57 PM


tonyishuk - 2015-10-06 5:16 PM


...I would look towards purchasing a small generator. http://generators.co.uk/Camping_Caravan




A GENERATOR!?... 8-) ...NOOOooooooo!


I'd leave the phones and cameras at home, before I inflicted a generator on those pitched around us...




If you see me and the genny on ste, pop over and say hello




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