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12v TV Socket


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Steveandsandwoodford - 2015-10-12 7:23 PM


Our fridge has packed up and as a short term solution we have bought an electric cool box powered by

12v dc. It works fine in the cigarette socket whilst travelling but not in the TV socket when pitched and plugged in. Any suggestions please???

Steve and Sandy


Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Steve and Sandy.


It might be helpful to know which motothome you own (make, model and year of manufacture).


Otherwise, it’s likely that malc d’s and Keithl’s questions cover your inquiry - that either the TV 12V socket wasn’t working when you plugged in the cool-box, or plugging in the cool-box overloaded the TV socket.


Check that the TV socket still functions by confirming that your TV will run from it. Check that the cool-box still works when plugged into the motorhome’s dashboard cigarette lighter. If the TV works from the TV socket and the cool-box works from the cigarette-lighter socket, but the cool-box won’t work from the TV socket, it’s likely that there is a problem with how the cool-box’s plug connects to the TV socket.

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Thanks everyone for your advice.

The TV socket is fine but the coolbox still only runs in cigarette socket. The fridge is now working, albeit a bit temperamental. An electrician from England talked us (by phone) through a couple of trouble shooting tips and it appears we have a dodgy pcb.

He thinks the connector on the coolbox is probably the cause and not long enough to make proper contact in TV socket.

We will wait until we return to the UK and buy a 12v ac/dc convertor for the coolbox as a standby in future.

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You may wish to consider the alternative of fitting a different plug to the cool box, such as the universal pattern sold by several accessory stores. If you can DIY, it should be cheaper, but I realise that you may not wish to tie up your TV socket. The on board mains charger should be able to carry the extra load from the cool box when on EHU.


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As will be seen from this Wikipedia entry there are two different car cigarette-lighter plug/socket dimensions (Size A or Size B)




so you may have a mismatch in your motorhome between the coolbox plug and the TV socket.


If you choose to follow Alanb’s suggestion to replace the coolbox plug, this company markets a wide range of relevant products




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