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Laika Owners


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In my ongoing search for a motorhome I am trying to find any owners of Laika Ecovip h600/680 or Laika x595 who would be willing to show me round their vehicles.


I live in Hampshire, north of Portsmouth but would be willing to travel an hour or so.


I know Southdown are just down the road but I am looking for a vehicle post 2000 up to around 2010 and think looking at new vans won't give me the same feeling.


I have also tried the Laika owners club to no avail.


Thanks for reading and any help greatly appreciated.



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You tube have a lot of Laike videos wont give you touchcy feely but some idea of layout etc.There is a 2010 on a Transit here.



I would imagine not every body would want a stranger looking round there van at there home address,their are too many bad guys around there days..not say you are one but you can see why you may not be getting to many offers to view.


Brian K

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