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autocruise stargazer damp


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Hi folks, can any one explain how the skirts are fixed on this van..


it is currently back in tewkesbury for second attempt to fix damp along nearside from locker back past habitation door to rear corner.

it Is sad tale as it was allegedly fixed before purchase in April 2014, but damp check march 2015 showed damp returned..it was supposed to be returned then, but I thought it was delayed by agreement till after my planned trip, and I was told that it would need a recheck for damp in 3 months time, ie in july.


this didnt happen,( my fault, my own damp meter showed no significant increase, so I didnt go to have the recheck done,),

we went off again in september, and met some wet weather,.. check again early october and damp increased, so decided to go back to marquis to get action..

appointment made for refix to go in november, and is currently being dealt with..

just been informed that as I have not complied with warranty condition, I have a bill for repair..


my argument is that it wasnt fixed first time so they should fix under warranty..not so they say, you breached warranty by not acting in march when it was discovered...


where do I stand? (apart from being a bit lopsided due to an unbalanced wallet !!!)


MORAL, read and obey the warranty conditions..and ensure the fix is done correctly first time.!!.







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My Stardream had an aluminium cap running the full length of the metal skirts ,the cap could be levered out from one end to expose the myriad rusty fixing screws. I turned out that the mastic had been improperly applied and no protection whatever was present to stop water ingress to the side walls both side were like soggy Wheatabix.
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