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Peugeot Boxer 100/110 HDI tuning box


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I have one of these three stage boxes as below that I fitted to our previous Peugeot 2.2 hdi 100bhp Euro 4 van and on the mid setting for torque and low for power it gave what I thought was a quite remarkable boost in torque especially at low revs with seemingly no real effect on mpg.

I didn't use it for more bhp as it was torque particularly at low speed that I was after and got but on the one time I did try it on full chat for both power and torque it did go very well indeed!

Our current van is 120bhp and is Euro5 and given the greater power over the old 100bhp I don't feel inclined to pay to have it remapped and a new different connection plug fitted so if it interests you please send me a PM (personal message).




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