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Niesmann Bischoff Flair


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Hello, we have owned a 1999 P reg Flair life 5.9. for a few months now and are still in the process of sorting him out!!!!! one of the things I have found most frustrating is that the owners manuals were not supplied translated into English, I noted on reading this blog that your flair came with manuals that had been translated, would you consider copying them for me, I would of course pay for any costs you incur.

Please email me if you have time, thank you so much in advance.

Norman, as we affectionately call him has needed a little tlc, he is structurally sound and as dry as a bone but needs all the appliances servicing in fact the alde heating system does`nt work at all.

Having painted a bleak picture of Norman you might think we are unhappy with him, on the contrary we are delighted, on our search for our first German A class motorhome the first thing that struck us was the very limited number that were automatic`s and even rarer RHD auto`s.

Norman is a RHD auto Mercedes 2.8 Diesel with 24,500 miles, he drives beautifully, ok, he wallow`s a bit but he rides smoothly and with the auto box is a pleasure to drive.

If anyone can recommend a service engineer we would be grateful, Ilkley Yorks area, we are looking forward to returning Norman to rude health, it is after all what this beautifully built motorhome deserves.

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Hi Would Cltheroe be close enough for you as we have had work done at Leisiretech Caravan/Motorhome servicing in the past and found them to be very good to deal with. Don't know if they deal with Alde heating but you could give them a ring and find out. Brilliant for Dometic fridges!

Tel. 01200 442277


Sorry should have put Leisuretech! Typing error.

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