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Dear All,

I’m currently in my first year at Bangor University studying Product Design. We have recently received a live project of working with the 5th Wheel Company.

Our brief is to ‘Produce a light that can be incorporated into one of the 5th Wheel Company product range’. The lightning unit should reflect their brand value and appeal to their client base.

As you are their client base, I’d like to ask some questions;

- Why choose 5th Wheel?

- What makes their caravans different?

- What do you like/dislike about their products?

- Are there any features you would change about their products?

- Are there any aspects missing from their caravans?

- What kind of light unit would you benefit from?

Any feedback will be highly appreciated as it would guide my research and improve my understanding of their company.

Thank you very much for reading.

Lowri Edwards.


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Two big shows coming up, at Manchester and the NEC. 5th wheel show at both.

See if you can set up a questionnaire for them, they are all American so there may be some research done over there.

(See your tutor if they will fund a research holiday, I mean trip)

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To cold for winter fishing trips perhaps.


Basically its a caravan that partly rests on the towing vehicle rather than being tugged behind and despite its length is possibly easier to reverse.


The biggest advantage of a motorcaravan over any form of tugging is always having a toilet available.


The importance of that aspect depends on the state of ones personal plumbing.

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