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Travelling to Portugal and Spain


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I've booked a crossing to Santander in early January and we don't dock until the evening. We are fairly new to motorhoming and don't feel confident to just park overnight anywhere we can find. I've found a couple of stops, one an Aire and another an open all year site. I like to book our first stop so that we don't have the stress of being tired and struggling to find somewhere to crash for the night; after that happy to travel and book when we arrive. This time though I am not getting any responses to my emails asking to book. Does anyone have any experience of arriving quite late in the evening on the chance you will get booked in?


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Some info here http://forums.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/Motorhomes/Motorhome-Matters/Santander-Stopover-Advice-/32204/


Don't be nervous about using the aires, I use them for 90% of my overnights and providing you avoid the motorway services you will be fine.


I avoid the big cities ( mainly) and head for the out of town places, they are quieter and usually better.


In early January the water could be off on most places, the "Repsol" garages (and others) will let you have water, I give them a couple of € and they are happy.


Take something to lift the grids/manhole covers, this is often required in Spain. A sturdy flat screwdriver or chisel ended bar.


Unfortunately when the books say "open all year" it isn't always accurate, I have found sites closed many times.



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