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Wheel Clamps


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Milenco do a good one, with concrete filled struts,rather than hollow ones, not easy to angle grind or gas torch through, not impossible but a definate nuisance to them, especially if they are not expecting it. But nothing is indistructable. And better than nothing at all . Me I would fill the struts with semtex, yes, I would still lose my van, but I would feel much better knowing that the scumbags didn't get it either. Might be illegal though ?


Death by misadventure ?

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Hi Duncan,


I've used a Bulldog Centaur CA 2000 wheelclamp for the last eight years and have no complaints with it.


Luckily it's security has never been put to the test so it has proved to be the deterrent I wanted.


You have to bolt the arms in place to fit your size of wheel but once done you never need to change it again.


Overall a good deterrent in my books.




Edit. Meant to add a link... http://www.bulldogsecure.com/view/bulldog-ca2000c-centaur-wheel-clamp/109

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