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Battery Master


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Perhaps you could clarify what you have in mind and what you wish to achieve as my understanding is that a Battery Master unit installs between two batteries - ie starter and leisure batteries - connecting them both via the box of tricks with a view to maintaining the charge of both using ideally the built in charger via an ehu or a regulated solar panel input to keep all charged and I did not believe that involved any connection to the control unit?


Or have I misunderstood?



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As discussed on your earlier thread I do not believe Sargent PSU's work with a Battery Master, Read this thread on MHF,,,




"I was shocked when told that Sargent’s don’t recommend a batter master being fitted to the EC325 Power Supply as this will damage the unit due to the split charging capabilities of the power supply


They recommended that it should be removed immediately..."


And I'm sure I've read posts on here saying the same thing.


My suggestion would be to call Sargents and discuss directly with them before spending any money.




Edit to add: And here is A & N Caravans advice...



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