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Hymer 522 bumper, Ford chassis


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Hi there, i'm considering buying the above van but it needs a new rear bumper, i've skimmed the inter web but cannot find too much info to buy a replacement. So, i have to ask the question if anyone could give me a head start trying to locate the said part.

Wouldn't mind any opinions/what to look out for on this compact van too please.

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Alan.


I assume you are referring to Hymer’s low-profile “Van 522” model. (The “Exsis-i 522” A-class was also built on a Ford Transit chassis.)


The rear bumper will be unique to Hymer, so your only realistic source for a replacement bumper will be by ordering one through a Hymer agent. Assuming that a new bumper can still be obtained from Hymer, you might well find that the cost will be wallet-busting.


Are you certain that a replacement bumper is genuinely needed? Unless the original bumper is irreparably damaged, I suggest you consider having it repaired by a specialist rather than having it replaced. You really need to explore very carefully how much replacement/repair will cost and then decide whether choosing to purchase this damaged motorhome would be wise.


This 2011 forum discussion may be of interest (some of the links may no longer work)




and there’s a YouTube owner report here


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If you want to get an idea of the cost of a new rear bumper, suggest you contact:


Darren Leadbetter on 01636 704201 and ask for "Hymer Parts". He is very knowledgeable and should be able to advise availability and approx cost. Think you'll be looking at something like £600+ !!!


He works for Brownhills and they have an eBay shop called Hymeruk.


As Derek says, probably cheaper to get it repaired if that is feasible.

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The bumper is in three parts, the end pieces and the central part. The end pieces were about £60 each when I enquired. I broke one by reversing into another (stationary) motorhome. It was, of course his fault for being there :-D


I repaired the broken bits by first gluing them together with Superglue and then reinforcing the back with glass fibre and resin. I used a bit of filler and spray paint and it looks like new.


So they can be repaired, but you need a steady hand and years of practice in the art of bodgery.



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I also cracked the rear side bumper when reversing into a hedge that hid a stone wall!

It was easily repaired with some epoxy glue on the back and a small bracing piece of expanded zinc as a support.

Yes the crack is visible if one looks closely but not visible when standing behind the vehicle.

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If you can't find a bumper to purchase try DMR http://www.motorhomebodyrepairs.co.uk they seem to be able to get hold of most parts and if they can't then they would probably make one. Brilliant company to deal with.

Sold my 522 last year for a variety of reasons but it was an absolutely brilliant van. Things to look out for are not many as they are excellently made vans and over the 7 years we had it ours stood up to in total over 2 years of living and travelling in the van with virtually no problems.

The things I know to look out for

> shower floor can be prone to cracking

> bathroom sink waste pipe can wear due to the swivel shower door (poor water the the sink and look for any water leaking from base of soft plastic shower screen hinge or water leaking in to toilet cassette locker)

>if the steps to the bed are the pull out variety check the catch as I've seen them at shows where they have been broken by people not knowing how they work.


People have mentioned the reversing judder but I never encountered this.


Would thoroughly recommend the van.


Good luck

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