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mud flaps


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Front mud-flaps - unless they were enormous and reached right down to road-level - will not be able to completely prevent road muck from being thrown up on to a vehicle’s underside, but ‘ordinary’ front flaps should limit the amount of road muck reaching your motorhome’s underside and reduce the ’shot blasting’ effect of road debris (eg. gravel).


There are various different designs of front mud-flap suitable for Ducato models (including a ‘spray suppressing’ version) at various different asking-prices, and it should certainly be practicable to DIY a pair of front flaps cheaply enough if one were so inclined.


I think it’s worthwhile having front mud-flaps (and rear ones too if that’s possible on a motorhome). That view is based on the experience of having front and rear mud-flaps on my last motorhome (owned for 9 years) and I’ll be fitting front flaps to my current motorhome when I get round to it - though not rear flaps as that looks impracticable.


I believe you’ll need to decide for yourself whether it’s worth fitting them to your Adria, as it’s likely that those people who have chosen not to fit front flaps to their motorhomes would tell you it’s a waste of time/money fitting them, and those people who have chosen to fit flaps would tell you the opposite.

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If your 2007 Adria Twin motorhome is as shown in the photo below, this recent forum discussion may be of interest




The front mud flaps (Part No: 9603-S4) sold via Peugeot agents for “Boxer” panel-vans manufactured after mid-2006 should fit perfectly well on Ducatos but are significantly cheaper than the more ‘curvy’ Fiat flaps. A set of four (front AND rear) Peugeot-sourced Boxer-suitable mud-flaps could well cost less than the asking-price of a pair of (front only) Fiat-sourced Ducato-suitable flaps.




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