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Tolls enroute to Croatia


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Help please, I am getting very confused re vignettes and GO boxes etc! We'll be using motorways, passing through Germany and Slovenia on the way down and Austria on way back (staying a night or so in each). Our van exceeds 3500kg. Is it an easy process purchasing the necessary toll permits when we reach the relevant borders or do I need obtain anything before we leave the UK? Thanks in advance.
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Germany is no problem, no tolls.

Slovenia no problem you simply pay as you go.

I am puzzled by your outward route? You cannot go from Germany to Slovenia without crossing Austria (unless you go by Switzerland and Italy which is a long way round).

If you must use motorways in Austria then you will need a Go Box which is a pain (details by search on these forums) 
If you go on ordinary roads in Austria you don't need a Go Box, but it is a lot slower, but it's not a problem. Simply programme your Sat Nav for "No Toll roads". Again many routes are detailed in these forums. 

You don't state when you are going - that could also have an impact on your route as ordinary roads may well be weather affected earlier in the year - up to May.

My motorhome is also over 3500Kg but I have not used a Go Box - we have always used ordinary roads in Austria. I have purchased the Swiss HGV "Vignette" which is simple at the border crossing (- not worth doing it in the UK)
We spent 2.5 months last summer travelling down to Dubrovnik via S of France, up to Italian Lakes, across to Venice, down through Slovenia to Croatia then down the coast to Dubrovnik, then back through Slovenia, Austria Germany & Switzerland. 

Hardly used any tolls .... but then we weren't in a hurry!

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pauljanita - 2016-01-24 1:01 PM


Sorry, yes we are going through Austria on the way down, but just not stopping.


We are leaving the UK on 24 May for 1 month, spending 20days in Croatia with 5 days travel each way.


Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.


We had a similar plan 2 years ago but found Austria and Slovenia so beautful our time in Croatia was reduced from 4 weeks to 2 weeks. We did not regret it.

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It was quite easy to get a GoBox as we approached Austria on the German autobahn at the services just before the border.  There is of course no border post these days, so you can't get one there and you hear that the police in Austria are red hot about catching people who don't have them.  It cost a minimum of about €80 for the hire fee and the credit you have to put on it, of which we eventually got about €50 back because we hardly used the motorway.


But getting rid of the GoBox and getting the refund was a real pain.  We couldn't find anywhere in Austria at all and eventually gave up looking.  We happened to stop at some services on the German autobahn. quite a long way out of Austria and not the first services, and surprise surprise, there was a GoBox desk there.


GoBoxes are not cheap but at least they seemed to work well in the vehicle; they beep every so often as you pass a transponder.  But it would certainly help to know in advance where you could get rid of it on your way home.  Maybe there is a website somewhere.


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