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Motorhome mains water


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Our Auto-trail was fitted with a connection to allow us to be connected to a water tap at each caravan park we visit. This is separate to the standard water tank filler. My understanding of how it is plumbed is that the filler has a pressure limiting valve just behind the external filler connection. This avoids over operating pressure in the system. This filler is connected on the discharge side of the pump along with a one way valve to stop flow back to the pump and ultimately into the tank to avoid flooding in that area. It works fine on my MH and allows me to fill the tank with town drinkable water at home before we leave on a trip. I can then hook up to the water supply at each caravan park. Often the water supply in these parks is bore water that does not taste too well. So the benefit is that for showering , loo etc we can use the connected water and still have good water for the sites we wild camp on when not on water supplied locations.
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