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Is your money insured when you travel?


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After having a purse stolen in Spain. We checked our Travel insurance and it states that no claim for loss of Money could be accepted if the money was stolen from a car.

We were not in our Motorhome but will it be covered for a motorhome, if the Money was kept in a hidden safe? I am awaiting a reply from my Insurer.

Also see that travel insurance that covers Spain, Malta or Cyprus as gone up



If you're going to Spain, Malta or Cyprus you'll now pay more for your travel insurance.

This is because the cost of medical treatment in some of these sunny holiday hotspots is rocketing. That's because they are starting to rely more on private healthcare for tourists to help to ease the strain on public resources. That means a costlier medical bill, and subsequently much larger claims.

A number of insurers have now essentially divided Europe in two when it comes to their travel insurance: policies that include the likes of Spain and Cyprus, and those that exclude them. Insurers doing this include the Post Office, All Clear and Insure & Go.

Insure & Go says that policyholders who call in to declare a medical condition are placed into two categories to establish how much they pay.

Travellers to Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and Malta are placed in category A, which is more expensive; the rest of Europe is put into category B. However, this relies on you telling the insurer exactly where you are going. Fail to do so and you may find that you travel without cover


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