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Reimo Sun Porch


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Read loads on this forum about awnings both pro and against.


We were looking at alternatives and came across this from Remio




Has anyone had any experience of them? or thoughts.


We have a Compass Calypso BTW and plan to use it predominantly for sun protection in southern Europe when we stay at a site for more than one night i.e. not when wild camping and aries. We were just going to attach C channel where required.


As always thanks in advance.


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We had one (an older style without the ''wings'' each side) just 2.5 metres to fit in the J rail (or C rail) on our Symphony van conversion. Piece of cake to put up and take down in a couple of minutes, very small and light when packed away. Isabella do the same one now, a lot dearer than the Reimo one we bought (ours cost around £55)



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