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Reversing camera with integrated dash cam?

le canichot depang

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Our reversing camera which fixed to our rear view mirror has recently bitten the dust, so looking for a new

one, sorry if it's already been asked before but do any of of the good people on here know of a reversing camera with an integrated dash cam, I've found one on an Aussie site but am having trouble finding anything in the Uk. We plan to run new wiring through as we want two rear view cameras this time, but thought that instead of having another bit of kit clogging the dashboard if we could get an integrated dash cam it would kill two birds with one stone, thanks for any suggestions.

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le canichot d'epang - 2016-02-15 9:28 AM


Thank you, but not quite what I had in mind, this was the Aussie one I saw, on the www.parkmate.com.au site


RVM-045DVRHD 4.5” Rear View Mirror Monitor with Built-In Full HD Dash Cam DVR


Most people would find the 4.5" screen rather small for use as a reversing monitor. Especially the mirror replacement monitors which have an elongated display aspect ratio. They tend to give the impression of looking through a letterbox.

As you want a twin lens reversing camera you are unlikely to find a dashcam with 2 additional inputs.


I would recommend one of the dashcams without a monitor, hence little clutter on the windscreen and a good twin lens reversing camera with a monitor size of 7".



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