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sigma alarm problem


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Hi All, I have a sigma alarm system fitted to my rapido motorhome. The problem is that when I arm the system, the unit bleeps about 12 times, and then the alarm triggers itself. I have check all the doors etc and they are closed okay. This fault has just developed. Any Ideas??




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Hi John and welcome to the forum,


Having just done a spot of 'Googling' it appears that a continuous beeping followed by a full activation means that one or other of your door switches is not 'closing'.

How you decide which one can only be an exercise of trial and error but the usual suspect seems to be the bonnet switch (assuming you have one fitted).

Have you recently opened the bonnet or any locker and possibly 'knocked' the switch?



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You don't say how old the alarm system is.


In an oldish system the main culprit is usually a faulty reed switch located by the doors (usually contained in a white plastic enclosure).


Your Sigma manual might give you a clue as to the offending switch by the number of bleebs.


My first port of call would be the reed switch (or possibly plunger type device) in the engine compartment bonnet lid. If you have a standard van type cab the alarm system for both doors is probably controlled by a plunger type system.


The majority of alarms (originally developed for the car market) trigger when the switch is closed - this is known as a "normally open" switch. If the reed switch is stuck in the closed position or if the plunger type device is corroded and leaking current then the alarm will trigger.


Hope this helps but at the end of the day, it's a process of elimination.


If your system works on the " normally open" principle, you could try disabling each and every switch, one by one and testing if the alarm triggers.

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