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Awning footprint material?


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We've just bought a new Vango Airbeam Idris awning for use with our motorhome. I love it, but pitching it on a hard standing pitch at a site that uses quite sharp gravel, I was a little concerned about the potential for damage to the groundsheet. I also thought it would be great if there was some rugged carpet for use in the gap between the awning and the van.


Vango's own footprint for the Idris doesn't extend into the gap between the main awning and the van.

I was thinking about getting a single piece breathable awning groundsheet/carpet to use as both a footprint for the main awning and as a carpet for the gap between the awning and the van. I was thinking of something like Blue Diamond Treadlite as a suitable material.




Would this work or are there better/cheaper alternatives?



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