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Easter Outing


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We booked a rally for easter in the hopes that all would be well.


van mot, d.. insured for another year, and just retaxed it so all is organised.


I just heard the doom mongers telling us that the weather forecast is just about to go belly up in time for the weekend.. so sorted out the wellies , umbrellas, raincoats etc .


why does the weather have to listen to the forecasters.. I reckon that the forecasters are in league with the road repair gangs, and the air travel controllers, trying to force us to stay put, and watch the goggle box instead of enjoying ourselves.


Dont let the baskets upset us, lets do it..(whatever you have planned) enjoy the weekend !!!.


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Quite agree with your sentiments, and it's just a case of taking a mixture or warm and other clothing and ensuring the heating is in full working order in the Van!!!

We only decided a few days ago to be away for the weekend, as I thought sites would be really busy. Living in Devon we only wanted to go down to Cornwall, mainly for visiting family and friends, and I checked the 'late availability' on CC sites there , and was very surprised to see that they mostly had at least 50% of pitches still available.

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Always check the moon phases. If there is going to be a change in the weather pattern, the trend is mostly to wet at full moon but it can be at either and its not the same for every phase change.


There is more likely to be a significant change if the preceding period has been set for a long time, but its not guaranteed.


Learnt from a life in the countryside where reading the sky was how we lived.



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