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Camos Crank Up Satellite Dish


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Its 2 years old and become stiff to crank up. I had one on previous van and very pleased with the performance but it too developed stiffness. On that occasion leaves/debris had got into the

mechanism on the roof.

On this van though thats not the issue.

I've loosened, oiled (3in1), and re-tightened the two pivot bolts on the roof, along with the plastic bushes. Its improved but still stiff. Instructions are not helpful. I've messaged RoadPro but wonder if anyone on here has experience of this and how was it fixed?

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RoadPro tell me that the likely cure is to remove the interior assembly from the ceiling where a plastic nut will be seen up against the roof. Using a 24mm box spanner loosen this nut SLIGHTLY.


Now I haven't tried this yet as I don't have the correct size box spanner but RoadPro confident this will work

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