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Gas Exhaust Cover


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.....I think the top "graphic" on the cover shows the recommended method.


Fingers (both hands) over the upper "lip", thumbs against the face. Lever towards the 'van with your thumbs and away from the ' van with your fingers.


That should free it from the little square on the top, and allow you to remove it.



There is a knack, and it can be hard if you haven't got strong hands.


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Hi Itz,


You do exactly what the picture on it shows!


Fingers of both hands on the top lip, thumbs into the area of the picture then flex the top up and out.


Once you have mastered the technique it is really child's play.



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Truma markets a plastic gizmo specifically to aid removal of an Ultrastore boiler’s external cowl-cover (photo attached).


The tool is available from various suppliers at various prices.




The tool is apparently designed for use only with the KBS2 cover that was fitted as original equipment to Ultrastore boilers made from 1992-2006. Photos on following link may help with identification:




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