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2004 Ducato Light Switch

Fred Duck

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Our van is a 2004 2.0JTD Fiat Ducato base. In 2013 the head/side light switch on the left hand side of the steering column started to fail in that it if even touched slightly, the headlights, sidelights and panel lights would go out. When they were on, even driving over a bump in the road would cause them to flash on and off. The symptoms were those of a failing contact within the switch and the unit was replaced by the local Fiat Professional Dealer at a total cost of £347.64 made up of £111.60 labour and £236.04 for the switch unit.


This morning, driving home down the A1 from Barnard Castle the replacement switch started to display the same symptoms. I've been back to the Dealer and the van's going in for investigation on Friday. All the symptoms indicate that the new switch is failing and, describing them to the Service Manager he agreed that that might well be the case. The replacement switch was fitted in October 2013 and the van has covered 5600 miles since then.


Surely it's reasonable that these things should last longer than 2 1/2 years and 5600 miles? If a further replacement is needed than the Dealer is prepared to discount the total cost by about 15% as a gesture. The Service Manager has said he'll discuss the issue with Fiat once they have confirmed the replacement switch is, indeed, faulty but I imagine they won't be too interested. The phrase 'Not of merchantable quality' does seem appropriate though.


My three pre-war Austin Sevens have original light switches that are all over 80 years old and all work perfectly - and they were made by Joe Lucas otherwise known as 'The Prince of Darkness' :-|



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