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SOG Toilets


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sshortcircuit - 2016-04-13 3:13 PM



...the fan is the same as that in a laptop,so not noisy.



Three different fan units are used for leisure-vehicle SOG systems according to the particular installation involved.


All of the fans are pretty quiet, but as should be evident from the following links none of them resemble the type of fan used in PCs and laptops. The SOG fans need tor be able to draw air effectively through a narrow diameter hose that may be a couple of metres in length, and to cope with smelly, contaminated wet air being drawn through them. (Hopefully neither of those requirements will be necessary with a PC/laptop. ;-) )








Thetford’s own cassette ventilation system for the C250/C260 range of toilets does appear to use a conventional ‘computer’ fan-unit




The Thetford fan-unit is fitted in a compartment directly below the cassette’s vent-valve and exhausts through the leisure-vehicle’s floor. Reports suggest that its ‘suck’ capability is significantly inferior to the SOG fans.

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lennyhb - 2016-04-13 11:52 AM


starvin marvin - 2016-04-04 4:42 PM

but as an aside I have noticed that these are becoming less popular than a few years back.


Don't know why you say that, they are standard or an option on most German vans.

Only thing I can think of is you are not crawling under vans or getting on the roof to check. Modern SOG's are either roof or underfloor vented. :D


Wouldn't be without a SOG, don't like the dangerous chemicals at all, the smell is dreadful and gives me large sneezing belts, much prefer the smell of my own poo. :-D


You're dead right in your assumption, what I've seen, fortunately, is less m/h's with those bits of kit screwed to the/s of the bog door.Also seen less of folks tipping cassettes with that little green plastic thingy on it with a bit of string attached.


With regard to your poo, please keep the stink to yourself unless of course yours smells of roses.

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