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How many batteries


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baden87 - 2016-04-05 2:03 AM


Can you get 2 leisure batts in Autotrail Cheyenne 634 07 year ? Any recommendations ?

Not had a Cheyenne but have had a Savannah 2012, yes, there was space for 2 batteries in the outside battery locker, to fit the extra one you needed the Special Autotrail 2nd battery loom, (19 pounds) which just plugs into a waiting socket provided, the loom carries a 2nd protection fuse as well. I think that Autotrail provides provision on all of their models, as i was able to transfer my 2nd battery, loom etc., over to my Autotrail V Line 600 PVC. I bought a Banner battery to match the existing one, but if replacing both, i would probably now go for a pair of Varta,s , as they seem to be more reliable, according to folk on here,anyway.

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