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Mille Miglia - Brescia


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Has anyone ever attended the start of the Mille Miglia in Brescia and can suggest camping grounds within easy reach by public transport? Walking distance to a train station or bus stop would be ideal. I've been unable to find anywhere close to Brescia and would appreciate any suggestions. I'm looking at the May 2017 event so have plenty of time but want to get onto it early. Any general comments about the event, including vantage points along the return route, would be appreciated also.


Many thanks.



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Why not try for a site on one of the lakes near to Brescia. There are a couple at Desenzano on Lake Garda which should have a bus or train service into Brescia. Only slightly further away, but in my opinion much nicer, there are some beautiful sites on the shore of Lake Iseo. Again a regular train service should be possible. At least two site in both locations are detailed in the ACSI books.
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I have a book called Aree Di Sosta which I bought from Vicarious Books which lists aire type places in Italy. There is one listing for Brescia, co-ordinates N45 degrees, 30' 55.837 E10 degrees, 14' 8.538 , address Via della Maggia, 3 Tel 0303530735 You will need to add country code

Hope this helps




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Hi Alistair, try this.

Brescia, Via della Maggia


Add a translation


Id : 12970 - Créé le 10 12 2013 par 0st378


N 45°30’44.64” E 10°14’10.68”



Adresse :

Via della Maggia

25124 Brescia


Voir sur la carte

Price of parking : 10 luce e acqua, carico e scarico



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Hi Alistair.


I contacted a colleague in Brescia about your trip and this is his reply, hope it's of some use.


See below:




If I have understood well, you need to have information about camping site’s close to Brescia easily reachable by train.


Close to Brescia there are two areas with camping site’s, Iseo lake and Garda lake; if you need to have a train close to the camping the best two are Iseo on Iseo lake or Desenzano Del Garda on Garda lake because there are good connections with Brescia. Also bus are well directly connected to Brescia but from Desenzano, not from Iseo.


Here some links that I hope be useful for you:










Both the camping are less than 1 km from the railway station




http://www.trenord.it/EN/ (search for the line from Iseo to Brescia)




No direct bus from Iseo to Brescia (only train)







http://www.desenzanocampingvillage.it/en/ (more close to the railway station, 37 min by walk)


http://www.campingsanfrancesco.com/en/ (Little bit more fare – 1,04 h from railway station)







(search for the line from Desenzano del Garda to Brescia)










Other useful website


http://www.1000miglia.it/index-en.php (official website of Mille Miglia)


http://www.bresciamobilita.it/public/resources/brescia%20mobilita/160412_mappa-desenzano.pdf (internal transport in Desenzano)















About the vantage points along the return route the best is the start point (and arrive) in Viale Venezia in Brescia, for the others you can see the route of the race in the website of Mille Miglia.





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I forgot about this one :$





I have stayed at both Brescia and at rome in hotels (reasonably priced in Brescia).

I have now decided that I want to see the cars in action and have gone for a campsite in Bolonna for this years Mille Miglia

I will be driving from UK in a T4 camper van and should get to see a stage of the Giro d italia Cycling the day we arrive.

I believe the cars stop in Bologna for lunch so on one day we can meet the drivers and check out the cars, and on the return we can drive out to the route and watch them arrive. Best of both I think. Campsite is Citta Di Bologna.

In between the racing you could also visit Ferarri Museum.



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Very many thanks to all those who took the trouble to reply to my query. The advice will be very useful and will make planning the trip much easier.


Dave, please also pass on my thanks to your friends/colleagues for their advice. In particular, your colleague in Brescia went to a lot of trouble to give me a huge amount of great advice, and I'm very grateful.


The responses from everyone are much appreciated.





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