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Importing a Motorhome from Germany


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We are thinking of buying and importing a secondhand Motorhome from Germany.


We like some of the German models and a quick look at the German sites which advertise Motorhomes seem to offer value for money, although " Let The Buyer Beware " has to be borne in mind.


I am sure some on the Forum must have either done this or thought about doing this, and would like any feedback, hints,tips etc.


I have just requested the DVLA Import Pack.

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It's entirely possible to import from Germany but you will find that officialdom (especially in the form of DVLA) isn't as helpful as it could be and there are costs associated with the process, notably if you want to have fully comprehensive insurance for the transit journey. 


But prices are lower in Germany and the saving you make on price should more than offset the costs and you will have a much bigger choice.


The biggest marketplace is on www.mobile.de and a number of German dealers are well accustomed to dealing with UK buyers and will help with the paperwork and getting temporary export registration plates.  (In Germany plates are personal to the owner, so you buy a vehicle without plates and then get plates issued.)


Buying from private sellers is possible but involves more effort on your part and German private owners are notoriously hard nosed about prices and since you get no guarantee or assistance with export paperwork, you might as well use a dealer.  You can also use Bundesvan, a British company which will find and inspect vehicles for you and bring them to UK for you at reasonable cost - I used them and was very pleased with the service.


Lots of contributors to this forum have done it.  Good luck.


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Potential stumbling-blocks with buying a motorhome abroad and importing it to the UK oneself relate to the UK registration process and adequately insuring the vehicle after it has been purchased.


If a buyer is intending to drive the motorhome back to the UK, purchasing it from a German dealership allows the vehicle to be provided with temporary (German) registration-plates and with short-term 3rd-party insurance. As far as I’m aware obtaining ‘foreign’ registration-plates and 3rd-party insurance cover will not be possible if the vehicle is bought from any Continental-European country other than Germany.


Obtaining ‘accidental damage’ insurance cover for the vehicle during its journey to the UK may also require some effort.


Some links that may be useful:







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We are not rushing into anything, but looking at the options, it may well be that when we are

over in France for the Summer School Holiday that we see something there.


We then have the option of using /leaving it in France or importing up to Northumberland.


Thanks again, all the information is well received.


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I have just done this back in March.


I echo what everyone else has already said.


With the plates I ordered mine online to be delivered to the dealer I was buying from. The system worked flawlessly.


I drove back to the uk on the plates and my uk insurance kicked in on the vin number only when I arrived.


The vca are very specific on wording for doing their part so make sure this is very accurate. Call them first if you have any questions.


The dvla form is a pain. Their 'how to' form is poor. I have just received mine backdate to an error. They send it back instead of calling or emailing you.


Saved a few bucks in the process too. ??

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I used Bundesvan, with the discount they negotiated with the dealer more than paid for their services.


I found the van myself on the web, then phoned them, they were in Germany at the time and went and had a look, then gave me an extensive report on it. After this report they then went back and obtained a further discount.

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steve101 - 2016-04-16 4:27 PM


...With the plates I ordered mine online to be delivered to the dealer I was buying from. The system worked flawlessly.


I drove back to the uk on the plates and my uk insurance kicked in on the vin number only when I arrived...





Could you clarify the first sentence above please?


When I imported my (then new) Hobby motorhome from Germany in 2005, its temporary registration plates were produced as part of the German registration procedure. Production of the plates themselves was the final stage of the registration process that included purchase of short-term 3rd-party insurance and the plates carried information showing their valid duration.


I’m aware that German-format plates can be obtained on-line




but these appear to be for show-use only and there is no mention of the 3rd-party insurance element. Presumably you did have insurance for your motorhome during the ‘foreign’ part of your trip back home, but how was this obtained?


It might also be useful if you said which UK insurance provider was involved, as many of those who were prepared to offer UK cover on a VIN-number (eg. Comfort Insurance) no longer will.


The VCA application form can be found here:



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