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Caxton fx .notification of changes.


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I have just had an email that says that Mastercard have changed terms an conditions. It states merchants can now decide to accept the card at their discretion so would this be better for us or not I wonder.? Quote . Because of the new requirements introduced by the EU Regulation 2015/751 on interchange fees for card-based payment transactions, from the 9th June 2016 merchants in the EU/EEA will be able to choose whether or not they wish to accept prepaid/debit/credit or commercial cards. This means that if the merchant in the EU/EEA chooses not to accept MasterCard cards, your Caxton FX MasterCard prepaid card will not be accepted by that particular merchant.


We have amended your Caxton FX MasterCard prepaid Card Cardholder Terms and Conditions to reflect this change and the updated version of the Terms and Conditions. You should review these terms in full in your own time. This change to your Cardholder Terms and Conditions will become effective on the 9th June 2016.




How will I know if my Caxton FX card will be accepted at a particular merchant in the EU/EEA?


As of 9th June 2016, the EU Regulation 2015/751 requires merchants to inform consumers if they decide not to accept all types of cards of a particular payment card Scheme, such as MasterCard or Visa. Merchants will be expected to display this information prominently at the entrance of the shop and at the till or, in the case of distance sales, this information should be displayed on the merchant’s website or other applicable electronic or mobile medium.

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