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Laika ecovip R7 toilet leak help


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Hi all I have an R7 the holding tank is not holding, there is a leak underneath and I see it's from above the tank looking from outside underneath. I have no manual so asking if anyone has experience of this and is likely to be seals? If so do you know what seals they are and where to get them? As I figure I will need to get gaskets before I take the tank off. It's my first.motorhome and I'm I. Her full-ttime. Any help would be appreciated, thanks Jason
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Jason.


Motorhomes with ‘marine’ toilets (with a fixed waste holding-tank) are relatively rare and, as a consequence, forum members may not be able to provide definitive advice about your problem.


You haven’t said how old your Laika is, but a quick GOOGLe-search suggests that the R7 model was being made in the late-1990s and early-2000s. If your motohome is, say, over 10 years old, the leak might well be due to seal aging.


Your best bet (particularly as you are living in the vehicle full-time) would be to join the Laika Club of Great Britain (£15 joining fee)




as that’s where the UK Laika expertise should lie.

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