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Low Gas pressure ?


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Away in our Autotrail V Line 600, 2014. Using exterior BBQ point, suddenly pressure/ drops right down steaks stop sizzling.....ah thinks the Master !!! New gas cylinder reqd, old cylinder was light (calor light) but not completely empty ? Changed it anyway, for a full calor light, re-lit BBQ, still low pressure,although it did light, SO, shut off manifold tap, shut off cylinder (again) took off pipe,.....then refitted it (gaslow stainless steel handwheel type gas pipe), turned on cylinder, turned on manifold. Turned on BBQ, StIll low pressure.

Tried gas rings and oven all low pressure ! Do i have a defective regulator ? And how can i test it ?

Getting fed up with Pasties cooked in the sites microwave.



Double post use other post. Thanks

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