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Best Solvent

Len Salisbury

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The best way is to type into google the words 'removing Mastic'.


You have not given any details of 'how much' or 'what from', so nobody can really help. You are the umpteenth person today that has forgotten the value of Search Engines when asking other people about a simple problem.

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Can you give any detail on the product you used please?


You could also go to the product (or manufacturers) website as many give details on removal.


For what it is worth, I have often used 2 things to remove that sort of product. One is Electrical cleaner (the spray can that electricians use on electrical contacts to clean them). It is a solvent and therefore highly inflammable. The other is Petrol Lighter Fluid. It is a highly refined Petrol based product (used it in my Zippo lighter). It evaporates very quickly.


I would advise caution on these and any other product you use because it may have an affect on the material the Dash is covered in. Concentrate on one small spot first.


Best of luck.

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