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EHU in France


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And you should also consider whether you need to be able to cope with reverse polarity, which is common in France - i.e. they connect the "live" and "neutral" the wrong way around in the EHU post.


Some, perhaps most, MHs can cope without modification but some British-made caravan/motorhome electronics may not like it.  The electronic system on a British caravan we met in France a few weeks ago shut down altogether because the polarity was revered.


I carry a polarity reversing connector, which is a short length of cable with a blue plug and socket combination in which the connections are deliberately crossed over, to turn things back the correct way.  I marked it with red insulation tape to help me remember what it does.


There is one for sale here:



but you can make one up yourself by buying an extra plug and socket.  If you don't feel confident about the wiring, get an electrician to do it for you.


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