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EC500 Power Control System on Autotrail Comanche (2011 plate)

Phil and Lol

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Currently in France and hooked up to a full electrical supply and the 'Battery Select' defaults to the leisure battery but when we then look at the status of the vehicle battery it is red. If we then select the vehicle battery the status immediately goes green.


In some instances to get the 'Battery Select' to change to vehicle we have to turn the power to the camper off and then put back on.


We have also been away from the vehicle and on our return found that the system has swapped to charging the leisure battery and the EC500 is displaying a system warning screen for the vehicle battery yet when we use the Battery Select option the indicator goes immediately to green


Finally, if we are using mains electrical I right in thinking the Amp Hours for the leisure battery is not displayed.


Any ideas?





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A December 2011 Sargent guide to the EC500 Power Control System can be viewed here:




It would appear from the “Active Battery Screen” section on Page 14 of the guide that your thinking is correct regarding an Amp Hours capacity readout only being provided for the leisure battery


"[AH] Leisure battery calculated capacity (percentage of Amp Hours). When the leisure battery is active (selected), this gauge will be shown. The gauge shows the predicted charge capacity of the battery. As the battery is charged this gauge will increase, as the battery is discharged (used) this gauge will reduce. This can provide a useful indication of usable battery power.”


Can’t usefully advise on the behaviour of your Comanche’s EC500 system other than to think that it is not functioning as it should.


If I were in your position, I’d want to measure the actual voltage of the motorhome's starter battery (using a multimeter at the battery’s terminals) when the EC500’s display-screen is warning that the battery’s voltage is low. This should confirm whether the battery’s voltage is genuinely low or (perhaps more likely) that it’s just the EC500 system that’s ‘false reading’. I’d also want to do the same thing when using the “Battery Select” feature to select the vehicle battery to confirm that the starter-battery is actually then being charged.


‘Foreign’ motohome dealers won’t be familiiar with Sargent systems, so if you can confirm what your EC500 is actually doing regarding charging the starter-battery and leisure-battery you’ll be in a better position to know whether its present seemingly odd behavour is important or just a nuisance that can be tolerated until you get back to the UK.



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We have an ec500 unit with an EC 300 unit over the hab door. If you have solar panel you can set it to charge either the vehicle or the leisure battery. It sounds as if it is on smart charge and is defaulting to the leisure and bypassing the vehicle battery
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