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Citroen Relay 2008 2.2 hdi 120bhp P0603


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Hello folks,


Been following this forum for some time and have now decided to join as other folk have had similar problems to myself and fixed them following the advise of you fellow members.




Van's been coming up with this error for some time now and i just can't seem to fix it.

Put Lexia/Diagbox on it and it tells me "Electrical Failure PCM Permanent".


I've replaced the injector harness, egr valve, Glow plugs and MAP sensor as it was clogged with oily carbon.


I've stripped away the insulated tape from the harness under fusebox and ECU and checked for broken/chafed wires but nothing suspect.


I'm at a loss.


Please help.



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Welcome to the forum, Ali.


I would have taken this to a Citroen dealer before changing all that stuff. They have access to the manufacturer's data regarding common and not so common faults and the rectification measures that have worked.


In the first instance you need to check that the earth cable is doing it's job. Connect a jump cable to the earth point under the bonnet and the other end to the lifting eye on top of the engine. Start the engine and see if the fault persists. There may be peculiarities with the 2.2 engine that i am not familiar with; i hardly ever see them but the electrical architecture is the same as the Fiat set up and the most common fault is a poor earth. If the problem is not present during the test, you need to get a new or better still an additional earth cable fitted.


Let us know how you get on.

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I've checked the earth using jump leads from the stud and also from the fuel pump bracket to the top of the gearbox and also the engine block itself but to no avail. I've ordered an earth strap from ebay to fit additionally as a preventative.

The reason i changed the injector harness was because i managed to get one cheap on ebay as previously a couple of years ago, i had a maf fault with no live feed so the garage couldn't trace the fault and ran a small wire straight to a 12v feed to get it working again. Plus, i'd heard about chafing wires so it was another reason to replace it.

Thankfully, after taking it out i could see where the loom had been rubbing on the chassis under the ns headlight fitting. I was hoping this would cure this as the P0603 KAM Error was present after the garage had fixed the MAF live feed issue.

I've got the Lexia 3 kit myself that i bought a year or so ago so i didn't have to go to the dealers after they couldn't fix a previous fault and i'd managed to fix it myself


Anyway...that's a different story.

Moral being, don't always put your faith in dealers.

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The generic scanner i used a couple of years ago gave me the code p0603 kam error which i was told was because the battery had been disconnected and not to worry about it.

So that was the reason i got the Lexia kit which gives me the ability to delve deeper into the code which is telling me that the PCM which i assume is the engine ECU under the bonnet? has a permanent electrical failure but at the same time i'm able to control the EGR valve, fan, fuel pump, glow plug heating relay.

So this is where i'm confused as according to these tests, the ecu is able to supply power to operate and test the items.

Could it be that the ECU needs a software update or programmed?



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